Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Ideas for decorating the perfect table for Thanksgiving!

After all the Halloween fun, we move right into Thanksgiving, a great Holiday meant to be spent with family, friends and loved ones. We all love couture expensive holiday designs and love to bring out all the stops to impress our guest during this time, but you can have a great look without breaking the bank even if you have a big bank. Get a high end look by mixing these tips together! Remember, the day of Thanksgiving right after the Macy's Thanksgiving parade we have already moved on to the Holiday of Holiday's,  Christmas!

  1. Buy a group (3-5 or more, odd numbers work better) fall colored plain solid candles from the dollar store, tape mid way down or in a design you like, spray or apply glue where you want design, sprinkle with glitter, mini fake jewels, crushed nuts or other ornamental items and let dry overnight. Beautiful, and inexpensive so you won't feel bad about burning them during dinner!

    2. Mini pumpkins can be found at all your farmers markets very inexpensively and even at your local grocery store. Buy a bag full of random gourds. (I personally like the bumpy ones!) Wipe them clean and spray them gold, silver or in another solid color to match your d├ęcor. Afterwards you can cover them in glitter and mix them in your Christmas ornament display!

    1. Pumpkins are great items to use in the fall starting with Halloween and on until Christmas. That is why we suggest people not to carve Jack- O -Lanterns but to paint it on so you can use them for Thanksgiving. Use a couple of pumpkins and hot glue real looking fall flowers of your choice to them. Simple and easy. You can add in rhinestones and all sorts of extra details if you like! 

    4. You are going to have deserts anyway why not have a special dessert made, or if you are crafty and a good baker, make a pretty and great tasting desert and have it be your centerpiece! Add height and candles for extra drama! 

    5. Are you super crafty, able to look at pictures to create, or have very crafty partner or kid? Food displays are always fun and so appropriate for Thanksgiving!

    6. Are you thinking about using plastic or paper plates for this fine Holiday? STOP!!! Yes, there are some really good fakes out there and if you are having an army of people over, then that case it is OK, but you can still use a table design idea even with fake plates. There are so many pretty plates and chargers that come out for the Holidays, but if you are buying in retail stores, stock up on the styles you like at the after sale for great deals on expensive designs. But if you need a table setting now, go to your Dollar Stores, Old Tyme Pottery, Garden Ridges and stores alike to pick up inexpensive individuals and create your own sets. This display below can  and be duplicated for under $4.00 per person!!! 

    7. This is the time to use the heirloom linens from your great grandparents. These items keep you connected to the past and helps bring the Holiday of Thanksgiving full circle. So you are saying, “My Mom is not handing over those linens,” or maybe you don't have heirloom linens. If this is you time to host, it is time to go to a specialty linen store and splurge on linens. Try not to get mesmerized by all the fancy colors and designs, stick to one in a basic color and design that can be used for years to come that can be passed along to your kids in the future!

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