Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creative activities to spice up your wedding reception

As a luxury wedding planner for over 10 years we have been presented to find many sorts of activities and entertainment for our clients guest at their receptions. Most come in the way of a particular cultural tradition or some sort of game or sport. Here is a small list of our favorites that have been a big hit with reception guest. Five creative activities to spice up your wedding reception!

  1. Many of us as kids remember having Piñatas at birthday parties and holiday parties. They are so much fun so why leave all the fun to the kids! Get a wedding cake shaped or a custom shaped Piñatas and fill it with monogrammed candies or a fun idea is to have random nice items that adults would enjoy!

2. Are you having a cultural wedding, a fusion wedding (combining two or more different coutures) or would like to add a bit of culture to your wedding reception? Hire professional dancers to do 1 or more cultural entertainment pieces during the reception. Guest love this element espeically during the beginning of the reception. This also may be an option to the traditional cocktail hour if you are having an alcohol free event and need a bit of entertainment while you and your bridal party are finishing up the after wedding photos!

3. How about a little game? Many outside weddings are now starting to add some classic outside games to keep guest up mingling and having a good time. Croquet is a very fun and elegant game to play at weddings that always keeps smiles on guest face as they change one another. This is also a great game for guest of all ages. Print up game directions on decorative cards so every guest will play by your house rules!

4. It's party time at your reception, you have hired this great Band or DJ and they are all excited trying to get your guest up and having a great time, but everyone is still sits, humm... what to do? I have found that when this happens at some wedding receptions it is not always because they don't like the music or don't want to dance, it because they don't know how to dance! We have taught tons of guest how to do the latest and greatest line dance to get the party going. Hire a dance coach to motivate your crowd to teach them the latest dance craze. It will get them up moving and usually laughing and having a great time!

  1. One of our favorite ideas that is rarely used and is aways a crowd pleaser. A private polo game is one event to get the festivities off to a right start and one that will surely be remembered by everyone attending, for a long time after. You can serve up the best of wines and passed hors d'oeuvres while you and your guest enjoy this grand event. This can also be incorporated to be a festive rehearsal dinner activity they day before. This is usually an offered, but non advertised amenity at your local field.

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