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What Does a Wedding Planner Really Do?

The thing that I always remember from all our our clients over the past 20 years planning weddings, is how every bride I worked with would say at some point during the process, “Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I would do without you!” Looking back, it’s occurred to me that at first, some of those brides weren’t even sure if they needed a wedding planner. But it was mostly just because they didn’t realize all of the things that a planner *really* does… which is exactly why I’m going to share some of those things with you today!

What a Wedding Planner really does!
– Planning Checklist & Schedule.
Ah, what every bride has to have, right?
I mean, you really can’t plan a wedding without knowing what has to be done right? Having a planner create a custom checklist and schedule for you, and to remind you when it’s time to get started on the next task is pretty awesome. Besides, they have planned a wedding or 2 or 100 before, you haven’t. 

– Budget. 
Yes, the dreaded word. A planner can most certainly help you create and stick to your budget. And when you want something that just might be completely unfeasible, your planner will tell you instead of letting you get your hopes up. And then she will give you some ideas on how to get said item look and feel in the budget you have.

– Vendor recommendations. 
A planner is going to give you solid vendor recommendations of people that they have worked with before and who they trust. In fact, if you want to, ask about their experiences working with certain vendors. Sometimes they may even NOT recommend a particular vendor because of a bad experience working with them. It sounds awful, but it happens. These vendor recommendations also save you many hours and days of time researching 1000’s of wedding vendors your experienced 1 Elegant Event planner already know and have relationships with.

– Vendor communication & liaison. 

This includes contacting vendors to find out availability, emailing, phone calls, texts, and most likely a meeting or two. Sometimes if you want, you can even have your planner communicate with all of your vendors (or just a select few) and just have him or her email you with updates, questions, concerns, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the reminders that you’ll get from your planner about when it’s time to make a payment to one of your vendors.

– Your wedding design. 
Now, not all planners are experts in wedding design. 1 Elegant Event is! We will most definitely help you figure things out when it comes to your wedding’s design. Whether it’s a specific idea or helping you pick out colors, linens, centerpieces etc.… we’ll be by your side to help guide you along.

– Meetings & Consults. 
Having a planner can also mean that he or she deals with scheduling your meetings. Sometimes it can take several emails or phone calls to figure out the right time and place for a meeting or consult to take place. That’s time- time that you might not have! Having a planner, you can just send them a few potential days and times, and then they can get to work scheduling!

– Etiquette. 
You know you’re going to have a question about whether or not to invite so-and-so’s new girlfriend, dress code, or maybe even how much alcohol to serve. A planner knows the etiquette for all things wedding. Sometimes “etiquette” things aren’t even etiquette anymore, and it’s just really what works best for you and your wedding, but sometimes there are still things that are “tacky” or not.

– RSVP's. 
Some wedding planners will keep track of your RSVP's for you. 1 Elegant Event does this will all our full service wedding packages. This is SUCH a tedious task- meals, seating, guest counts, etc. Just another thing that you don’t have to do! 

smile emoticon
– Reminders. 
Yes, reminders. Plain and simple. Because chances are that you might possibly forget about something– whether it’s big (like a DJ) or small (like menus), a wedding planner will most definitely be able to give you little reminders about things that could have potentially forgotten!

– Vendor Confirmations. 
The week before your wedding is going to be craziness. You do not want to have to deal with emails and phone calls back and forth with vendors to confirm times and places. Your planner will handle that.

– Wedding Day Schedule. 
You absolutely always need to have a timeline for your wedding day. How else would you know what time to start getting ready, when to tell people to deliver things, etc.? Of course your 1 Elegant Event wedding planner will handle this for you, making tweaks and updating vendors as needed.

– Wedding Ceremony Coordination & Rehearsal. 

Sometimes a wedding ceremony can be like a huge cluster of chaos. People think they know what to do, but when it comes down to it, they really don’t. Having a planner will ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly and everyone involved knows what to do and where to go!

– Wedding Day Coordination. 
I talk about this ALL the time. You definitely don’t want to be the one dealing with setting things up on your wedding day. Making sure the cake is delivered on top, the favors get placed at each place-setting, and that adorable ribbon chandelier you made gets hung or etc…. Not only that, but what about when it comes time for your wedding to *actually* happen? Who’s going to tell you when it’s time to leave for your ceremony, or when to cut your cake? Oh and who will sew your bustle when it breaks or find your best man when he’s missing for toasts? Your wedding planner, that’s who!

– Wedding Details.
Who’s going to put out your escort cards, make sure favors are at place-settings, and set up your special cake-and-dessert display? You don’t want to entrust these tasks to just anyone. Your planner will take care of the wedding details that I’m sure you will painstakingly and lovingly create for your wedding, making sure that they will be setup to meet your expectations. And then, he or she will take everything down at the end of the night and give it your parents or keep it for you to pick up when you get home from your honeymoon.

– Wedding Gifts. 
Yeah, so those gifts that everyone brings. What do you do with them?! It’s something that is commonly forgotten, but your planner will be sure to load up all of your gifts for a designated person to take home and keep safe and sound for you. And if they’re like your 1 Elegant Event Planner, they will tuck all of your cards into your overnight bag or put them in your send away car or limo.

Oh my, now that I’ve listed all of that out… WOW! It’s SO much! When I was reminiscing about my last wedding, I was reminded of just how much work planning does entail, and so of course I wanted to share it with you! And sure, while being a wedding planner seems fun and glamorous, it’s also a lot of work. But luckily, a planner really can do A LOT for you as bride- and take a lot of things off your plate too!

YOU deserve to have an amazing wedding, and to enjoy it too! 
When you have decided, 1 Elegant Event would love to help YOU!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keep Your Sanity & Enjoy The Experience, "Don't Become Your Very Own Wedding Planner!" Response to the "Brides Magazine Blog"

As I sit and wait for my next client to arrive, 
I stroll through my Facebook news feed to 
come across a Blog Post from the popular 
"Brides" wedding magazine titled, 
"How to become your very own Wedding Planner!"

First I was shocked and appalled that such an established and respected magazine would publish such an article which disrespects the Wedding Planner advertisers they have. I do understand that not everybody can shell out thousands of dollars for a professional wedding planner, and this magazine was just trying to give those brides some tips to help them plan a successful wedding, but if you hire a good wedding planner, the savings they provide you in proper planning and budget management should cover the cost of the wedding planner!

Here is my response to the blogs suggestions! 

Tip #1 Get Organised:
The problem with this is, many couples don't know where to start to even get organised! They suggest creating different folders in your in-box to store paperwork, templates and etc. Which is a good idea, but a better idea is if you don't want to hire a professional full time, most professional wedding planners offer hourly rates, or a kick start your wedding planning offer where they help you create a proper foundation to planning a successful wedding. This usually cost a very minimal hourly rate or a small inclusive rate. By doing this, the DIY bride is given a proper plan to be organised and this could not only save time, but 1000's of wasted dollars she may have spent researching and booking the wrong things out of order. 

Tip #2 Use Online Tools:
This is a great tip! You can find lots of charts, to do list, check list, budget calculators, time-lines that are free to help the DIY Bride plan her wedding, but what usually happens is once the bride prints them all out, or saves the app, or papers to their device they began to go over those and quickly get overwhelmed will all the tasks especially if you are in school, working, taking care of a child, or any number of things life hands to you. In many professional Wedding Planners Kick Start wedding planning packages they will give you a customized plan just for your wedding and budget so you only have the charts, checklist and time'lines you need and can stay focused instead of feeling bogged down! 

Tip #3 Make your to-do list accessible no matter where you are
This is the best tip that they give, do keep your to do list virtual , so it is available on your computer, phone, pad and any other device you may have. Saving things to Google docs is perfect because once you long in on any device all of your files are available to you. 
                 *Notice they add a link to their blog, "What to do when you hate wedding planning," They added this because if you try to become your own wedding planner, at some point you are going to start hating wedding planning which I really hate to hear from Brides who find me after they are sick with planning their wedding. This is a once in a lifetime experience and you should be enjoying every moment of it not stressing over details and worrying about if who you hired can live up to what you contracted them to do. They mention in this link blog, not to sweat the small stuff because something wrong will happen and no one will notice. Yes, no wedding is perfect, but if you hire someone to be their at least to be the wedding coordinator for the day, you will have a professional to handle to issues that come up or least have them covered up enough so no one really won't notice and you can at least enjoy your wedding day and not just be happy when its all over! 

Tip #4 Do your research
OMG this is the most overwhelming statement that they could have added to this blog. My company has been in the wedding planning business for 20 years and we are constantly meeting new wedding industry providers, finding new great ones, marking off new and old ones that never provided good service or stopped providing good service. This statement of, "Doing your research", can be a full time job all by itself!
This is where hiring a professional can really save you time, wasted dollars, and save you lots of tears in the end! A good wedding planning company that has been around for a while, can save you research time by recommending wedding professionals that not only fit into your budget but will work with your personality and provide you with the service you are looking for. 
It is never proper to haggle or try to negotiate with wedding vendors over prices! This is this persons livelihood, how would you feel if your boss says, I know we said we would pay you $18 an hour to work for us, but since we don't want XYZ from you this week how about we pay you $15 and hour instead! 
That is what you are saying to wedding vendors when you want to haggle with them, also when you do this you discredit yourself and they feel like you don't respect them and after that they really don't want to do your wedding. In every case it takes lots of time, (not just on the wedding day) to do what it is you are hiring them for. They are charging you according to their experience, education, talent, how many workers they may have to pay & time!  A photographer who charges $600 for a 4 hour wedding verses a photographer who charges $3000 for a 4 hour wedding is because the $600 may have just graduated photography school, did not go to photography school, or is not a full time professional and does this as a side job in their spare time (which means a longer wait to get your pictures back). The $3000 one for 4 hours has done it for years, will edit your photos for wedding perfection, and they will be of crisp excellent quality for years to come. This example works for all wedding vendor types. 

Tip #5 Ask other brides
Do ask other brides, but remember they only can tell you about what not to do or to do  if their wedding is over, because during the process they are in the same situation you are and have the same about of information you do . They are not a professional so you are sharing same time experiences. This is a great idea for support because unlike many friends and family who may tire of hearing wedding ideas and stories form you, this community will never tire of your stories and even welcome more!

Tip #6 Become friendly with Pinterest
Pinterest is great for ideas and learning how to create things to make for your wedding. Pinterest can also be deceiving, many post show how you can create what would be a very costly wedding look for pennies. Many brides see this and get discouraged when talking to wedding vendors and they quote them a very surprising number and they think the vendor is trying to price gouge them, when that is truly the price and cost of materials! The truth really is, wedding vendors for the most part aren't really over charging many are truly under charging! By the time they get what they need to do your event, give you what it is you ask for, they make a very minimal amount to live on and to provide for their family. 

Tip #7 Divide and Conquer
When you start to feel stress, delegate the task to others to do.... 
This is a great idea if you have people who will do this for you and won't let their lives distract them form getting it done for you. When you hire a professional to do things, they get it done and it is a business transaction, yes by the end they could possibly be your friend, but the job will be done. When you delegate to friends and family they may or may not get it done at all or if done not the way you asked. I have seen many friendships end over things like this and family disputes. What happens when tragedy strikes and the person helping you cannot do what they said and its 2 weeks until the wedding..... 

We at 1 Elegant Event understand that everyone can't spend 1000's of dollars on their wedding, or on a wedding planner, but it is smart to seek out one to get you started and to coordinate the day of your wedding! Your wedding day and the wedding planning process should be enjoyed so you can have great memories of the entire process! Happy Planning!

Blog Written By:
Cossie Crosswhite
Owner, 1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Best Wedding Favors Ever!

Have you decided on what wedding favor you will have at your celebration? 
What is the point of having a Wedding favor, you ask! They are great individual gifts that shows your appreciation for your guest support and for attending your wedding! They can be an expression of who you are as a couple, be a reminder of your location, something   kitschy, traditional or edible, it is all up to you! Here are a few we like that are trending this year! 

How cute are these mini Longaberger picnic baskets filled with a little surprise inside, you can even make it a game and have a winner of an even more fabulous gift! This would be a great #WeddingFavor for a #GardenWedding, #OutdoorWedding,  an #OhioWedding, or just because you like baskets!   

Who wouldn't like a fabulous personalized or divine mini wine/champagne to enjoy as a gift! You can also double duty your table glasses as #favors for your guest by having them hand painted, monogrammed or etched! These are gifts, guest will love and enjoy! 

Olive You (I Love You) favors! This is just too cute for words! 
A wonderful gourmet olive set for your guest to enjoy a tasty treat while thinking of you!

One of the most #PopularWeddingFavors are edible treats, from custom designed cookies, chocolate molded treats, hard candies, cupcakes, and the list is endless. Schedule and meeting with your baker or gourmet candy designer to discuss how they can customize an awesome favor for your prestigious guest!

How many times at weddings do your feel a draft in the church or after the #reception it is a bit cooler than you planned for? What a wonderful and useful gift to give your guest, a beautiful Pashmina Shawl to cozy up with that night and to use in the future! 

How many jump drives do we all use? If you are like me, lot's! I can never have to many of these to store and save all of our great work and pictures! This gift will be loved and used by all, and they will smile when they see it because they'll think of how much fun they had on your big day! 

Are you looking for a nice way to thank your guest for attending your celebration other than giving them a trinket you know they will never use? How cute are these utensil tags, and your guest will be so honored and remember you did invite them to share in your first meal as husband and wife together! Sometimes the gift of reminding people about the true meaning of their attendance is the best gift of all. Happy Planning

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1 Elegant Event's 2015 Wedding Trends!

As we enjoy seeing the fabulous chevron prints and ornate crystal trends at our 2014 wedding celebrations we must began to look into the future of 2015 and discuss the fun and exciting 
wedding trends for 2015! 

This year and into 2015 the Chevron print was everywhere in fashion, on wedding cakes, invitations and numerous other items in your favoriate color!
In 2015 the new print seen popping up all over everywhere is colorful Geometric Shapes!
This fun style will add a since of whimsy and a modern feel to any #wedding celebration!

While the classic sleek single flower bud #boutonnière , will never be replaced the trendier couples are expressing their style with a more high designed boutonnière style. We are loving these 2015 Creative Trend boutonnière styles for men!

The third wedding trend for 2015 is shorter and simpler #WeddingCenterpieces and opting for more elaborate #EventLighting choices.
With the rising cost of flowers and over all #WeddingDécor , couples have been forced to make some educated choices. Not wanting to sacrifice the over all glam look you want, opt for a complete professional event lighting package, you save $$$ and your celebration looks absolutely divine!

Wedding monograms have been a classic on trend staple since the beginning of time. We are loving the new 2015 wedding monogram trend of #MarqueWeddingMonogram lights! You can buy these with already made words like, "LOVE" and "JOY", or as this couple below have your custom made names or purchase individual letters. This is an awesome idea to be seen in many "Old Hollywood, Gatsby, Renaissance Themed weddings!

 The come back of sleeves on wedding gowns have been seen on a runways for the past few seasons since our lovely Princess Kate Middleton's royal celebration. Our bride of 2015 is really starting to embrace it. The lace sleeve is ever more popular and gives the 2015 bride a look of ultimate elegance and regalness!

In 2015, brides will express more personality in their veils and headpieces. The bridal cap has been a trend for the past few years, and are becoming more ornate with attached trains. The wedding flower halo has been popular for decades used mainly for flower girls. Now the more bohemian bride is choosing this gorgeous option and designing it to fit her style!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 6 things you should do when you first get engaged"

Once a couple is engaged they usually have no idea on how to get started with their wedding plans and they have no idea what to do first, so usually the Bride gathers up her Mom and friends and goes bridal gown shopping! Here are a few tips to get your wedding planning started out down a smooth path! 

1. First have a dinner or engagement party to announce your big news to all of your very close family and friends. Don't just jump right into picking a date or anything, take a moment to enjoy the moment of being engaged. Show of your new ring to friends and family, let them congratulate you. Have a few moments to have time to soak in the fact that yes you are getting married and this is a big commitment and what does this really mean to you. 

2. Go to your local book store or grocery and buy a few different style Wedding Magazines! Look at the dresses and reception styles and cut out everything you like and put it in a binder. Once you do this, you should be able to figure out what type and style of wedding you and your fiancé would like to have. 
Now, I know you are probably saying to yourself, "Can't I just go pin a bunch of stuff on Pinterest, that is the same thing right?" 
Sure, pinning on Pinterest is great and I recommend that, but nothing beats sitting down, scissors in hand, making your very own wedding idea binder out of great magazine cut outs! Believe me, its like bride wedding planning therapy! 

Wedding magazines 

3. Determine your estimate guest count: Talk with your parents and find out an estimate amount of guest that you will invite or who would like to attend. Almost everything you do in planning will require you to know an estimate number to accommodate your guest.

4. Pick a wedding date or season! If you do not have a particular stand out date you must have that holds a true meaning for you both just pick a season. If you pick a date and fall in love with a venue and it is already booked, you may find yourself disappointed, but if you pick a season and fall in love with a location, you have a few dates you can work with. Picking a venue should be the first real booking in your wedding planning process to secure your solid wedding date. 

5. Interview wedding planners. Even if you really had not planned on hiring a wedding planner, don't do yourself a disservice, talk with some just to get yourself on the right path to wedding planning success. Many planners offer a free consultation and will give you a few great pointers for free. Then if you decide to hire one, any-time is fine, but at the very beginning is the best time, so they can help you plan your dream event in your budget parameters and keep you from making costly mistakes in your planning process.  

6. Now once you have an idea of what style of wedding you want, the number of guest that may come, have a venue locked down and a planner to make sure it all comes together, now its time to find that perfect wedding gown! We highly suggest making bridal gown appointments at least 2 weeks in advance preferably during the week not a weekend. We also suggest taking no more that 3 people, and try to take those who like the similar things you like and will tell you honestly if the gown is perfect for you. This should be a fun and exciting time and we all have a negative person in our lives and no matter how close they may be to you, it is a good idea to leave this person out of the initial picking process. Also having too many people come with you may give you too many opinions leaving you frustrated, which is not what you want. 

Written By: Cossie Crosswhite, 
Owner of 1 Elegant Event, Wedding & Event Planning 
and National Event Specialist

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The best financial tips and tricks for wedding planning!

By Guest Blogger: 

budget wedding tips
Soon after couples announce their engagement, planning the wedding becomes one of the first financial obstacles that the couple has to overcome together. The best thing to do is to learn about typical trends when it comes to planning a wedding and what mistakes lead to the most financial failures amongst couples during this process. Should you put everything on credit cards? Or create a separate checking account specifically for wedding expenses to avoid overspending? The infographic below highlights information from couples who have gone through this process, wedding planners, and event coordinators to give newly engaged couples a few tips on how to save on their wedding, avoid financial conflicts, and lastly and most importantly the benefits of stress free well planned wedding. Want even more advice? Check out more tips on our community page, and our wedding budget calculator.
Those redundant words, your wedding day is just one day, may very well be the truth. But society has given us Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress!, and all the jazz to keep us wanting that one big day, to be one very big day. Don’t get caught up in the fuss, and listen to the advice from people who have been through this process before.
Financial Advice For Wedding Planning
Check out our interactive wedding budget calculator based on the budget allocation in this infographic, and read more tips on our community page!
Like this infographic? Share your thoughts on your own blog and use the code below to embed it in your post:
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 "Tips to Surviving a Bridal Show": How to get the most out of your bridal show experience!

After much deliberation, Our friends have compiled a top list of things that will have any future bride, groom or couple prepared to walk confidently into any bridal expo and accomplish everything on their to do list without suffering a mild stroke. Enjoy!

1. Dress for the occasion. First off Ladies, I cannot stress enough the need for comfortable footwear! 5 inch heels are just not conducive to what should be a fun and enjoyable day at a bridal show! I saw girls weeble, wobble and almost tumble for two days straight while walking for hours on the unforgiving concrete convention flooring! Flats, boots or sneakers are going to help you get the most out of your bridal show experience! I imagine it would be extremely difficult to have a conversation with what could be the perfect vendor for you, but you can't comprehend anything they are saying because all you are thinking is "I can't feel my toes". If you still feel like you can't part with the pumps, at least throw a pair of cute ballet flats into your bag (you know, just in case). In regards to the rest of your perfectly plotted outfit - keep it simple. Try to avoid the bulky winter coats and sweaters. After about 20 minutes, you will be sweating and your coat will be on your last nerve. I recommend a nice pair of jeans and a light shirt, sweater or jacket to be most comfortable.

2. Part with the entourage. Do you have 8 girls in your Bridal Party? While we at 1 Elegant Event believe it is fantastic that you have such a large support system, we recommend you leave the posse at home. Sticking with Maid of Honor, your Mom or even your fiancée is best! When you have more than a couple of people with you - the experience turns more into a tug of war over what shade of blue you like best, or who is going to sit with whom when the fashion show begins. These show are a great opportunity to see vendors at their best! If you are constantly listening to the opinions of half a dozen people who have tagged along with you, it may be hard to hear your own thoughts or you may not approach that one photographer you think looked great because you didn't want to hurt a friends feelings. So in this case with friends, less is more!

3. Mailing Labels are your new best friend! Before attending any Bridal Show or Expo, take a few minutes to print off mailing labels with your contact information (Name, address, most important a correct EMAIL address, phone number, and wedding date). This will save you much time when filling out entry forms and you won't have to worry about someone not being able to read your handwriting. You wouldn't want to miss out on that free Honeymoon you could have won, just because a vendor couldn't decipher your email address, do you? (Yes, its has happened more than once!)

 4. Use your Vendor List to your advantage:  Lets say you are in the need of a photographer and cake artist, look up their booth numbers on your map and find out where they are located. Grab a pen and walk around, casually strolling by their booth. As you go through, highlight the vendors that spark your interest with their display, photos, personality, etc. Next, go back and have conversations with those who captured your attention. You should view their work, sample their cakes and ask questions that are important to you. Once you have done this,  it will be much easier to make a decision about who you liked best. Their product and personality will be fresh in your mind and as I always say, "Go with your instinct!"

 5. Write notes on the back of your favorite vendors business card! After speaking with over 50 wedding vendors at one time how will you ever remember that you loved "that" florist or "they" were your favorite photographer or this person offered you a special price. Write simple but clear notes to yourself on the back of their business card before you throw it in the bag with all the others. Quick, easy and will save you lots of time in the future!

 6. Put your money where your mouth is: If someone approaches you inside or outside of a show and wants to have a conversation with you about their delectable cakes, visually stimulation cinematography or awesome photo-booth - first ask what their booth number is. If they did not pay to be at the show, RUN! The Wedding Professionals at these shows work tirelessly to create a welcoming and positive environment for all the potential brides in attendance. Someone who is strolling in to try and attract brides without the footwork is no good to you. It shows they are not willing to invest the time, effort or money to solicit the right way. Think of it like the purse vendors in china-town who lead you into an abandoned building where you have to knock three times on the back door and utter a password to get your hands on a shoddy Louis Vuitton? It's just bad business.

 7. Pay Attention to Personality:  I've had couples tell me that it was my personality that first attracted them to come up and talk to me. That is such an amazing compliment! I believe in stress free Wedding Planning and I want all my couples to have the time of their lives, so this means so much! By working with a vendor who matches your personality, you are so much more likely to be satisfied with the end result of their work, no matter what aspect of the industry they are in. So taking a little bit of time and watching how certain vendors interact with potential customers will tell you a lot about their true personality.

8. Most Importantly, Have Fun! This is supposed to be the best time of your life! Take a deep breath, smile and enjoy the experience!

BONUS!!! Thank you , since you took the time out to read our very helpful blog, here are 3 more free bonus tips!

*** The Best time to attend a bridal show is when it first opens! The food samples are plentiful and fresh and the vendors have not been worn down from talking all day! 

*** The Best time to talk to vendors is the last hour of the bridal show. The crowd is thinner and many are starting to pack up. So if you want, get the return to event stamp or armband take a break and come back! Feel free to interrupt a packing vendor, they would love to spend that time answering your questions! 

*** No Matter if your budget is limitless or minimal, a great deal from a top sought after vendor would be great, right! A top vendor secret is, the best price you will ever get from a top wedding vendor is if you book them on the spot at the bridal show! Most of these vendors never offer discounts because they are of such high quality ( you get what you pay for right!), but at bridal shows only, they offer deposit deals or percentages off! Many may not have them out, but have new client contracts and mobile credit card scanners on hand for deposits. Bridal shows are the best places to get more bang for your buck, that is if you have bit of deposit money on hand to spare.

Blog Written By Cossie Crosswhite, 
Owner of 1 Elegant Event, Wedding & Event Planning  
and National Event Specialist