Monday, October 29, 2012

Alternative Guest Book Ideas

10 Alternatives to the Ordinary Guest Book!
I am sure every wedding you have been to for most of your life, you or your parents come into the ceremony location to find this big feather or fancy pen to sign a open book on a pedestal, or table. If you are like me, you probably asked yourself, "Doe's the couple even read it after the wedding?" Your answer for the most part would be a resounding NO, LOL!  The bride may glance over it a few days after the honeymoon, but after that it is hidden in a storage box, hung on the wall in a shadow box, or in the china cabinet never to be read again.  Why not use something that maybe seen every once in a while! Here are a few examples of some neat alternatives that can be used at many styles of weddings!

1. Having a photo booth? Have everyone take photos, put in a simple photo book and write you a sweet message! Guest will have plenty of time to do this anytime throughout the reception!

2. Get your style frame and have everyone sign the matte inside. At the wedding the picture will be your engagement photo. After the wedding, replace it with a wedding photo! 

3. Love the look of monogrammed wooded letters. Have all your guest to sign them to hang in your living room or family room for years to come!

 4. Make, have a grandparent make, or purchase a handmade quilt for everyone to sign at the reception. Use permanent ink, and for more lasting power sew over the signatures in your spare time!

 4. Order a platter kit at one of the fine on-line stores or go to your local pottery shop and pick up a signature platter. The on-line kits will have information on how to seal it home. If you use a local shop, you can take it back to them and they will seal it for you to pick up in 2-3 days! Display it on a table, hang it on a wall or use it once or twice a year at Thanksgiving/ Christmas!

5. Love the look of river stones in vases! Have your guest write messages on smooth stones to display on your mantel, coffee table or side table at your new home. You can even have the glass etched with your name and wedding date! 

 6. Want to remember all the people that helped you celebrate on your wedding day at your 1st Anniversary? Have everyone sign the bottle of wine you will drink on that special day. Afterwards display on your mantel,  in a china cabinet or use for flowers on the dinner table.

 7. A really cool idea is to have all your guest highlight their favorite scripture in the bible and sign their name buy it. You can then use it as your family bible and when you run across certain scriptures you are reminded of that person!

 8. A really fun idea is to have everyone sign and write well wishes on pieces of a Jinga or other similar family game. When playing you can read them and be reminded of your great wedding day!

10. Last but not not least, is a favorite of mine! Purchase an unfinished porch bench to use on your porch or in your back yard. Have everyone sign it and write well wishes all over it! After the wedding have it sealed with polyurethane for protection against wear and weather. You will be able to read these messages for years to come, and so will your children and grandchildren!

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