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411 Pointers on Wedding Guest Etiquette

Great 411 Pointers on Wedding Guest Etiquette

We all have heard and seen them too...
the fashion aficionados proclaiming that white is the "new black" this season as a wardrobe staple. This may be true, but for weddings and bridal showers, leave the solid white to the bride unless asked to in the invitation!

The whole reason for your invite was for you to be a honored witness to your loved ones life changing event! It is rather tacky to skip the ceremony and attend only the celebration. The couple may not notice, but the other guests will. Since were speaking of the ceremony PLEASE DO Arrive Before the Bride gets to the aisle! This really does seems like the most obvious advice, but for some reason there are always stragglers. Be sure to make every possible effort to arrive at the wedding ceremony at least 10 -20 minutes early!

Unless your invitation specifically states "plus 1", "and guest" or "and family" you can presume only the people named on the invitation are invited. You may want, feel, think, and be sure others should be invited, but only those issuing the invitations can make those decisions. Due to the rising cost per person most must stick below a certain number of guest. For all the singles out there, an FYI weddings are great places to meet potential mates!

Our second to last 411 Pointer concerning Wedding Guest Etiquette is about Clicking Cameras. Personal pictures taken by guest should be taken at the beginning and at the end of the ceremony. Only the photographer hired for the event should be clicking away during the ceremony (this includes the vows, ring exchange and kiss). The clicks, flashes and sound of film rewinding can turn a serious and (usually) religious event into a paparazzi-fest and the other flashes could potentially interfere with the professional shots. Also on the subject of uploading to the Internet, it's OK to tag yourself at the event, but try to wait until the end of the night to post your pictures. Give the couples hired or appointed instant Internet liaison a chance to upload them instantly first!

Our last 411 Pointer about Wedding Guest Etiquette is about when is a good time to leave? Maybe you have to work early in the morning or drive back that night night, if you have accepted the celebration invitation, you should remain at the party until the wedding cake has been cut. It really is rude to leave before then because they thought enough of you to invite you and pay for all that came with that (catering, decor and etc). Once the cake cutting has ended if you must leave, you may, but before you leave, be sure to wish the wedding couple well, congratulate the families of the bride/groom, and thank the wedding hosts (i.e. whoever paid for the wedding!).

 By following these few tips, you will be the perfect guest to the prestigious event you were invited.  Feel free to share with friends, because sharing is caring! Have fun!

Blog Written By Cossie Crosswhite
National Event Planner
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