Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Avoiding The Pitfalls of Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding!

This topic you may want to share with an engaged friend, avoiding the pitfalls of planning your dream destination wedding! Some of these may seem obvious to some, but we do know quite the risk takers. Check out our list, it may save you come heart ache in the future!

If you don't hire a planner you must visit your chosen location at least once during the planning process to check everything out! Have you ever book a hotel room online just to get their and think, "This doesn't look like the pictures at all!" You really don't want that to happen for your wedding day, hire an experienced destination planner or take a quick vacation!

Even though your wedding dress my be big and bulky or thin and silky it is always wise to opt to check your regular bag and carry on your dress! Underwear, sun-dresses and bathing suits can easily be replaced, but the dress you waited 6 month to get in should not be replaced by an off the rack dress you would be in a rush to buy. That would be an everlasting reminder of what the airport may have lost!

Many couples usual choose to marry at an exotic location they’ve always dreamed of visiting, for example this Bora Bora Wedding featured below. In this scenario, it is crucial to do your research to find out how much paperwork you’ll need to marry legitimately as a visitor. A general overview is laid out by the U.S. Department of State but you’ll have to investigate the rules for each country on your list of possibilities. Some are more complicated. Check out this Overseas marriage laws link http://travel.state.gov/law/citizenship/citizenship_775.html#marriage
to get insights on these such regulations!

Get to know all of your destination wedding vendors well! Talk with them over a visual like Skype or Facetime. Look at them to see if they seem to be telling you the truth about what they are offering you. Check out their references on-line and see what people are commenting about them on-line. Make sure everything that you are expecting them to do is put into writing. Email is a great way to make sure what you ask is in writing because they will answer you back with an email. Keep all of your records and print them before your trip so that you will have them on hand in case an issue arises and you can't retrieve them from the Internet. 

If you follow these simple steps, your destination wedding should turn out to be the dream you had envisioned all along! Happy Planning!!!

Blog Written By Cossie Crosswhite
National Event Planner
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