Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ideas for your fabulous Wedding Cake Display!


The contemporary wedding cake has grown out of many traditions. One of the first traditions began in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple. You have the kissing over the cake for luck tradition, hiding a ring in the cake and many more, but what about the design? So you are over the fancy Cake on pretty linens display, today we're giving you some ideas today that step out of the box!

So you want a unique idea for your wedding cake table design? I loved this idea from the first time I saw it and we finally convinced a Bride to try it for her wedding in a few weeks! This idea looks expensive, but truth be known, this look can be done for cheaper than high end linens that usually adorn the cake table! You can customize the color with your flower inserts, 
so Lovely an absolute WOW piece!

You really want the new trend of cupcakes at your wedding, but don't want to give up the fancy cake either, then do it all! You can even have your cake artist to fancy up those mini's with some intricate florals or designs! 

You must get permission from your rental facility and hire a professional, but why not gave your cake Hanging from the rafters! This is a stunning display and will have all of your guest saying WOW all night!

Are you still wanting the classic wedding cake area design, but with just a hint of something different? Have your cake displayed on raised glass filled with your wedding color flowers, simply beautiful!

The possibilities are endless with this clear cake table base! You can display just about any sort of decor inside to make this Lucite sensation even more special!

Do you have a flair for all things shiny! This ultimate bling cake will have that girlly girl on the inside screaming with joy!  

Our last Idea for your Fabulous Wedding Cake Display! As the saying says, "Go Big or Go Home!" We are in love with this Chuppah style cake display area! It's bold, it's grand and will have all of your guest swooning in amazement!

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