Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 5 Things To Do 1st When Planning Your Wedding

*1.Do not pick a date unless it holds a particular meaning, pick a location!
Have a particular place you would like to get married and have a reception? Choose a particular month you would like to get married and then find what days they have available.

**2.Once you have your location and date, book a photographer!
The earlier you can get a photographer, the capturer of all you wedding memories, the better selection you will have! Photography is not the place where you want to save! Quality,Quality Quality!!!

***3.If your wedding is in less than 9 months go buy and order your Bridal Gown! It takes up to 8 months for your wedding dress order to come in depending on the designer and store purchased from.

****4.Select your support team, Your bridal party, and begin on your guest list. Most prices will be based off the number of people who will attend, how much food, number of tables, linens, chairs, and the list goes on and on.....

  1. Hire a professional wedding & event planner. They may seem expensive at first but I promise you, what they save you in money, time and wasted energy will well surpass the cost your qualified professional will charge. Reputable established companies will save you endless hours of searching, costly mistakes, they will develop your design and allow you to enjoy the whole experience! They do not take the planning from you (unless that is what you want), they aid you and guide you thought the whole experience!

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