Monday, January 14, 2013

Venue Coordinator verses an Independant Coodinator. Do I need both?

Many articles have been written about the differences between a venue coordinator and an independent wedding planner/coordinator. Simple stated, a venue coordinator is the sole advocate for the venue they work for or own and do things based on the venues best interests. Whereas an independent planner/coordinator is the advocate for their client’s, you, (the bride and groom) and what is best for you and creating your dream event.

Couples say all the time that their venue provides a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator so I don’t need to hire one… this drives me crazy.  Venue coordinators should stop to think about how much assistance they’ll receive from the bride and grooms independent planner, realize it’s a mutually beneficial relationship and that the wedding would run smoother for the venue and the so-to-be married couple.

Independent professional planners oversee the big picture items such as room set and design aspects, helping you find the right vendors to give you  your dream day in your budget parameter. Venue coordinators may have a vendor list, but they many be out of your budget range or do not provide they style of service you want. Your independent planner also will handle vendor deliveries, schedules, problems and changes that happen throughout the planning and on the wedding day, as well as little details such as guest seating arrangements and place cards, favor ordering and placement, gifts, guest book, hotel reservations and guest arrival among many other things that a venue coordinator will not do.

Running and overseeing weddings is a big job, sometimes with complex logistics so why wouldn't the venue coordinator want to work side-by-side with the independent planner whose been working closely with the couple and knows all the fine details of the whole event? It can’t hurt can it? Besides, is the venue coordinator going to help pick out stationery, wedding cakes, linens, floral, centerpieces, decor, manage the  budget and guest list, run a rehearsal, oversee the ceremony and provide discounts and complimentary upgrades? 

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  1. Well, the two should cooperate one another according to their individual role. This two are the essence to a successful wedding event.

  2. Nice post about Wedding Event Planning. Whoever you choose, make sure they are reliable and would worth the money you put.


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