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Top 7 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning Their Wedding

After much debate and conversations with newly married couples of 2012 1 Elegant Event has comprised out Top 7 Mistakes Brides/ Couples make when planning their wedding! We hope buy learning from others, this helps you in your planning process. Here we go, feel free to share!

  1. Spending more than you can afford.
    I am a luxury wedding planner and enjoy all the details that go into making such weddings happen, but many brides tend to overspend in a big way. I have witnessed wedding budgets double even triple over the course of a long engagement and that is a strain on even some of my wealthiest clients. Don't start your marriage in “the red”. Plan ahead, in these times of real estate mayhem make sure you won’t need the money a for home down payment, a car, or to pay your bills before it's spent.
  1. Ordering your wedding gown too small and buying expensive uncomfortable shoes!
    Unfortunately ladies too many brides buy dresses that are a size too small and instead of buying a designer shoe that is kinda comfy, we go just on how it looks! In most situations wedding dresses tend to run small because the European cut is a smaller than the American cut, so if you wear an 8, you might need a 10. I know that it would boost your confidence to squeeze into a smaller size, but just remember only you will know what size it is anyway. Also with shoes, get to know your feet shape and buy a shoe that won't squeeze all 4-8 hours. That is a long time to suffer and you don't want to run around an elegant ballroom barefoot all night. So ladies 1st buy the right size gown, if you loose weight (not too much) they can take it in and buy the RIGHT shoe! You want to be able to dance the night away with your new hubby an not have in the back of you mind all night how uncomfortable you are.

  1. Inviting way too many guest!
    Many Brides tend to go crazy inviting too many guest or having too many people in the bridal party which is a bad idea for several reasons. Let's began with postage. When you invite people you know have no intention of coming or when your mother or future in-laws invite people who really don't know you that is 50 cents or more wasted per person not to mention the cost of the invite itself. That little amount may seem very trivial at first, but is all adds up in the end. Secondly, you are paying for a plate of food for each person you invite which can be $30 - $200+ each, plus extra chair covers. more linens and the list goes on and on hence the adding up. Third, you don’t want to waste an hour of your reception (especially if you are limited on time) greeting people whose names you don’t even remember!

  1. Trying to save money by cutting the cocktail hour.
    Planning Couples tend to forget about that time between the I do and when they arrive at the reception because they and their bridal party have things they are doing like photo's, second line's, and maybe a bridal tailgate. After the ceremony guest arrive at the reception location waiting patiently for your arrival, many are a little hungry, thirsty or just need something to do while they wait so they won't constantly be watch checking or tweeting about how long they are waiting. Many couples at all price points and some point look for something to cut, but the cocktail hour is not it even if your are having a dry event. You can limit what you serve. Have a signature drink, a limited bar, simple appetizers. Think out of the box, you may want to hire some entertainment like the dueling pianos, dancers or a harpist. This will give your guest something to do and will make for a better experience your guest will truly appreciate and will make your wedding stand out from the others! 

  2. Stressing to make a perfect wedding and not enjoying the wedding planning or wedding day!
    Most couples tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves and everyone involved, when planning their special day because they are wanting it to be absolutely perfect. Remember, even though your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, it’s just ONE day. Make it an important point to experience fully and enjoy all the days leading up to your wedding as well. Your engagement is a very special time. Don’t spend it stressed out and anxious! Enjoy the experience with your family and and friends. In the end, it will make for a even better wedding day!

  1. Not hiring a wedding planner.
    I'm sure you are thinking, we'll of course you would say that, you are a planner! While that is true, your wedding is one of the most important memorable days of your life, even if you have done it a couple of times, with so many elements to it, why are so many going at it without an experienced professional? I hear over and over, “I can save by doing it with friends and family.” Unfortunately that is not a true statement at all! Professional wedding planners work with you to get you the wedding you want in your budget realm and know the prices for the best vendors your range and can negotiate for you to make things happen for you that would have had to been cut. They may not be about to make magic happen like David Tutera (because the network pays for those weddings), but great wedding planners have an abundance of tricks up their sleeve to give you the best wedding of dreams in the parameters given to them by their clients. Usually in most cases, what you saved by hiring a planner covers more than was charge by the service! Feel free to ask planners at your consultation how they can bring more to your wedding than you can by yourself, and they should be very proud to tell you and give you past examples!

  2. Last minute ceremony preparation!
    Getting married is the main reason for the wedding, but time and time again brides-to-be wait until a month before to write vows, find wedding ceremony music, and even to find an officiant!
    Many who plan on their own at this point are exhausted and pick whoever is available or says I'll do it and that is how you got so many bad versions of Luther Vandross and Ave Maria. Choose these elements early, even hold auditions or have them send you a sample if you haven't heard them before. The ceremony should be a focal point and not an after thought. It is the reason for the entire day! 

      Congratulations, wishing you many blessing and wedded bliss! 

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