Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 6 things you should do when you first get engaged"

Once a couple is engaged they usually have no idea on how to get started with their wedding plans and they have no idea what to do first, so usually the Bride gathers up her Mom and friends and goes bridal gown shopping! Here are a few tips to get your wedding planning started out down a smooth path! 

1. First have a dinner or engagement party to announce your big news to all of your very close family and friends. Don't just jump right into picking a date or anything, take a moment to enjoy the moment of being engaged. Show of your new ring to friends and family, let them congratulate you. Have a few moments to have time to soak in the fact that yes you are getting married and this is a big commitment and what does this really mean to you. 

2. Go to your local book store or grocery and buy a few different style Wedding Magazines! Look at the dresses and reception styles and cut out everything you like and put it in a binder. Once you do this, you should be able to figure out what type and style of wedding you and your fiancĂ© would like to have. 
Now, I know you are probably saying to yourself, "Can't I just go pin a bunch of stuff on Pinterest, that is the same thing right?" 
Sure, pinning on Pinterest is great and I recommend that, but nothing beats sitting down, scissors in hand, making your very own wedding idea binder out of great magazine cut outs! Believe me, its like bride wedding planning therapy! 

Wedding magazines 

3. Determine your estimate guest count: Talk with your parents and find out an estimate amount of guest that you will invite or who would like to attend. Almost everything you do in planning will require you to know an estimate number to accommodate your guest.

4. Pick a wedding date or season! If you do not have a particular stand out date you must have that holds a true meaning for you both just pick a season. If you pick a date and fall in love with a venue and it is already booked, you may find yourself disappointed, but if you pick a season and fall in love with a location, you have a few dates you can work with. Picking a venue should be the first real booking in your wedding planning process to secure your solid wedding date. 

5. Interview wedding planners. Even if you really had not planned on hiring a wedding planner, don't do yourself a disservice, talk with some just to get yourself on the right path to wedding planning success. Many planners offer a free consultation and will give you a few great pointers for free. Then if you decide to hire one, any-time is fine, but at the very beginning is the best time, so they can help you plan your dream event in your budget parameters and keep you from making costly mistakes in your planning process.  

6. Now once you have an idea of what style of wedding you want, the number of guest that may come, have a venue locked down and a planner to make sure it all comes together, now its time to find that perfect wedding gown! We highly suggest making bridal gown appointments at least 2 weeks in advance preferably during the week not a weekend. We also suggest taking no more that 3 people, and try to take those who like the similar things you like and will tell you honestly if the gown is perfect for you. This should be a fun and exciting time and we all have a negative person in our lives and no matter how close they may be to you, it is a good idea to leave this person out of the initial picking process. Also having too many people come with you may give you too many opinions leaving you frustrated, which is not what you want. 

Written By: Cossie Crosswhite, 
Owner of 1 Elegant Event, Wedding & Event Planning 
and National Event Specialist

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