Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Design Ideas for Your Ceremony Isle

The most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony, right? But, when it comes to planning and design ideas the ceremony decoration and program is left as an after thought or done in the twilight hours before the wedding for many couples! While the reception is where you want to concentrate most of your budget for design because that is where you and your guest will spend most of your time, your ceremony location does need a little spice. Here are some great design Ideas for your ceremony isle! 

Does your church or location have oddly shaped benches or chairs? Drape tulle and tuck a flower bundle of your wedding flowers for a simple and very elegant look!

Having your wedding ceremony at a modern venue or outside? Line the isle with some or a bunch of flower petals and use the popular height-ed vases for candles or a single flower.

Some churches or venues have strong decoration polices. This pew bouquet tied with a soft ribbon is aimed to please!

Some ceremony sites are so beautiful you really don't want to add anything, others like the purist look of the church or location itself or maybe you need to trim the budget at the ceremony to have a great reception. Whatever it is for you, this very elegant personalized isle runner makes a grand statement without braking the bank!

Flower petal decor has become very popular over the past few years. Guest always love to see the different designs and are always amazed at the detail. Be sure to get a written quote from your floral designer on the cost of the petals needed to achieve your design so that your simple isle won't cost more than you had planned.

Do you have a flare for the grand? Sit centerpieces on high stands and drape the fabric of your color choice up the isle, Fabulous!

Tired of the standard beach setup you see in every beach wedding picture? Try a different setting arrangement!  Who says you have to walk down a straight isle? By walking in this spiral, ever guest gets an up close and personal look at how stunning you look on your wedding day!

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